Counselling London, Camden, Kings Cross
Counselling in London
Counselling London, Camden, Kings Cross

Central London Counselling & Psychotherapy Services in Camden


Counselling & Psychotherapy in London, Camden with Glen Gibson, BACP & UKCP accredited experienced professional counsellor & psychotherapist.


Relationship Counselling & Marriage Therapy


In London Counselling & Psychotherapy Services in Camden you may be offered relationship counselling, marriage counselling for your relationship or marriage problems, love addiction, co-dependency in relationships, fear of commitment, rejection, abandonment, intimacy & sex in relationship, affairs, infidelity & unfaithfulness, envy, jealousy, emotional abuse, pregnancy, children & parenting, relationship breakup & divorce counselling.


Counselling For Addictions 

Counselling & Psychotherapy in London offers also counselling for addictions, including (but not restricted to) alcoholism or alcohol addiction counselling for alcoholics, addiction to games & gaming, internet addiction or computer addiction therapy, social networking addiction therapy, shopaholism (oniomania) or shopping addiction, gambling addiction, internet pornography & online sex addiction.


Other Issues Counselling & Psychotherapy Can help With 

In Central London based Counselling & Psychotherapy practice you can also be offered depression counselling, stress, fear & anxiety counselling, anger management counselling, grief & bereavement counselling, lack of assertiveness, low self-esteem & confidence building, therapy for procrastination, indecisiveness, lateness, counselling for sexual problems, loneliness & feeling lonely, existential counselling for midlife crisis, therapy for effects of bullying & being bullied, counselling for dyslexia, counselling for men's problems, work-life balance counselling, workplace counselling.


Counselling Approach
In counselling & psychotherapy the accredited and experienced counsellor & psychotherapist Glen Gibson welcomes & respects people's uniqueness & diversity and responds respectively to each person's circumstances. He is experienced in providing counselling & psychotherapy to women & men, young & old, straight & bisexual, lesbian & gay, white, black or mixed race, of many nationalities & cultures, those who are religious, spiritual, atheist or agnostic. What clients value the most is feeling comfortable with the counsellor & psychotherapist.


Counselling London, Camden, Kings Cross
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